MORE with LESS, this is the current trend with no end in sight.

At the Coaching Suite, Darlene offers a unique platform of Retail, Leadership and Life coaching. Darlene will help you find balance in this world of extreme work weeks that are filled with stress and anxiety. Darlene will help you obtain clarity, vision and insight, so that you can live your best life… your magnificent life. With Darlene, you and your organization will find the power to change where you are right NOW.


  • TIME STARVED and craving to clearly understand what you want in life and how to get it? Find what brings you alive again. Focus on what you want, not what you fear. Find Out How
  • STUCK and it seems no matter how hard you work or what you try, you are not achieving the results in your retail business that you need and want. Get clarity, take action, and reach your full potential. Find Out How
  • STRESSED and it's getting the better of you. You are needing to find a better way. Inspire your leadership teams and build that high performance team. Find Out How
  • CONVINCED that deeper and more meaningful success is possible. Get courageous. Face your fears. Define your goals and dreams. Build your legacy, with no regrets. Find Out How

Darlene will offer you professional and genuine support on your journey. She will work with you to identify and create your best business, professional and life strategy.

Having a professional/personal  coach like Darlene will help you achieve your goals two to three times faster then on your own. Think of coaching as a personal trainer for your business, career and life. So let's take the next step to helping you get into the best shape of your life!